Holly Beaton

Tiago Rodrigues 'Hell Bent'.jpg

Tiago Rodrigues, Hell Bent, 2018. Courtesy of the artist

Tarnish the earth, poison the soil, taint the clouds, and muddy the waters. Obliterate all that is sacred which is life. Encode fate into a binary and make the fateful pay for it. All in a day’s orbit, with an unflinching scramble to produce, make, create, and fake the cash. An economics of extinction, wound up in stocks and shares.


Pulling justifications from ancient archives, the powers that be display obliquitous abandon of reason even in the era of Enlightenment. Ouch. Spirits know that civilisations built on the bodies of the innocent lack the structural integrity to ever meet their objectives. It is simply a system, rational and robust, upheld by a malleable obedience.


How might we circumvent submission?


Submission – from the Latin submissio, meaning “lowering, to yield.” In this ember-driven portrayal, flames flicker out to meet the viewer’s boundary of the body, communicating the power of fire to transform, to transmute what never served us.


We set it alight. It is time for one last dance upon the cremation grounds, shrieking for a new dawn. We will erect our own monoliths of Faith; build our own systems of Grace. We will remember our origins, collectively and tenaciously reborn. 


Hope is all we have left, and Anger is as Pure an Energy as Love. Let us boil with rage.